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We Package for a Wide Range of Ingredient types


Your Ingredients...

We have the ability to work with a wide variety of ingredients, if you are uncertain of our capabilities with regards to your ingredients, please contact us with any questions that you may have.


Seed Packaging

We can work with healthy food companies to meet their packaging requirements. We work on a contractual basis, which is formed around the customers needs. Contracts can be short-term, long-term and even 'one-time' agreements to help food businesses reach their deadlines in the case of late orders or when they only require a trial run and so on...


Coffee Packaging

We can work with coffee companies by fulfilling their packaging needs, whether that is manufacturing their bulk product to form a powder form instant coffee for packaging coffee beans with our state of the art bagging machines. The same processes can be applied to any similar ingredients of this texture.

Sports Nutrition Packaging

Sports nutrition has become a big business in Ireland in recent years, we can work with such companies by fulfilling their blending/mixing and packaging needs so that their product is consumer ready. We can work with late orders and offer flexibility for companies under pressure with regards to time and getting finished goods to the market.




Food Intolerances are becoming more and more common these days, especially with the rise in coeliac disorders. Consumers need reassurance that gluten ingredients have not been used in the manufacturing or packaging of finished goods they wish to consume.

Fennariv is currently not working with any gluten ingredients. In the case of an introduction of barley, wheat, oats and other gluten ingredients, Fennariv would notify all customers about the presence of the ingredient within the facility, carryout the necessary procedures to ensure no cross-contamination or interference to other product lines.

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