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Milling Services


The milling process starts with an inspection of the bulk material. The bulk ingredients are then transferred into our two-storey cleanroom facility, where our operators will sieve the product to separate any unwanted foreign bodies. The raw material is then brought to our milling room where our operators will mill and transfer the final ingredients into our hoppers, and finally downstairs to our VFFS packaging and sachet machines.

Blending/Mixing Service


We have the ability to mix a wide range of raw materials within our facility. Another example is a product like 3 in 1 coffee, which combines coffee beens, sweetener and creamer. We will mix the ingredients to form a quality product within our cleanroom. The final product is then taken to our hoppers and led to the sachet machines for end of the line packaging and labelling.


We focus on serving allergen-free products, which means a clean environment is top of our agenda in-between batches and new product runs. The cleanroom area features stainless steel equipment, used throughout the process for cleanliness. Using pressurised cleaning systems to eliminate any leftover substances and ensures that the next batch will be free of traces of other ingredients.

If you have any questions about our mixing and blending services, please contact us at 051-338060 or [email protected]

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