Contract Food Packaging

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Types of Packaging

Form, Fill & Seal Bags

We provide both vertical and horizontal F.F.S bags. This type of packaging is sealed using our heat sealers, ensuring freshness and a prolonged shelf life.

Food Tubs

We provide a range of tubs of different shapes and sizes. We will assist you in selecting the right style of tub for your product.

Multiwall Valve Bags

Multiwall valve bags are usually made from kraft paper and contain an extra layer that acts as a moisture barrier  between the layers to keep the contents dry.

Direct Fill Cartons

Direct Fill Cartons are beneficial for a large range of food products. After packaging they can be inserted into a master-shipping tray/box.


Sachets are a convenient form of packaging and offer offer many benefits. They are cost-effective and suitable for many product Types.


We can provide a range of drums which are more suitable for bulk products. Please contact us for specifications and product suitability queries.

Pouch in Carton

Pouch in Carton options can provide extra protection from exterior elements. Pouch in carton boxes can be used by many different products such as cereal or rice.

Plastic Containers

Perfect for sports nutrition products - Whey Protein, Gainer or any other type of powder form ingredients. Smaller versions could be used for capsules.

Not What You're looking for?

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Product Capabilities


We specialise in contract packaging for food products. We have invested in top of the line filling & packaging equipment to efficiently serve our customers. This equipment allows us to complete the process with speed and precision, allowing customers to allocate their savings to other areas of their food business.

Our facility is focused on maintaining high standards of QC through our well-developed systems that are bespoke to our new and existing customers. When a new customer joins Fennariv, we develop a set of SOP's to ensure efficiency and safety. We also create a schedule and take you through each phase of the process for an enhanced understanding of the business.

Our focus is in granular style products like seeds and powders, but our capabilities extend to other food and pharma ingredients. If You have a food business and want to reduce costs and improve efficiencies, contact us to find out what we can do for your business.

Labelling and Packaging for Distribution

When the consumer packaging phase is complete, your finished product is brought to our packing area. The finished products are then assorted into boxes and loaded onto pallets and labelled as required. The pallets are then wrapped and moved to a designated area, this is vital in order to avoid contamination and tampering.

Batch numbers and other important information are included in the labelling to provide traceability. We provide assistance with labelling for products being shipped to countries with different legislation in terms of nutritional information and other requirements.

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