The Quality First Approach

Achieve big things with Fennariv and their quality driven approach

 The Introduction of New Products

We develop a system everytime a new product is introduced to our facilities. This usually includes a set of new procedures and SOP's for our operations and warehousing teams. If a newly introduced product is gluten/allergen free, we look to develop a system that ensures its separation from any possible contaminants from the production phase to warehousing.

Ingredient Security is Our Priority

We take security seriously at fennariv, with multiple surveillance points (CCTV) throughout our facility including our entrances and warehouses. These storage areas also provide an extra element of security with restricted access that requires a key fob for entry. All visitors to these areas must sign-in at reception and be accompanied for access to these areas. The warehouse and ingredients storage areas and cleanrooms are considered restricted areas. Our warehouse management team are trained to inspect both inbound and outbound transport such as containers, lorries and other carriages for transport.

Internal Testing


There is a wide range of internal testing carried out on a day to day basis here at Fennariv. We have implemented a set of procedures throughout the production and packaging phase such as sieve, moisture, colour and ph testing.

External Testing


A member of our quality team examines the facility on a monthly basis, taking swabs from our warehouses, packing areas and cleanrooms. These samples are transported by temperature controlled vans to ALS Life Sciences for microbiological testing.

Quaility First


Highly Trained

Allergen & Gluten Free

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